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How to color your hair at YOUR HOME

Well its finally come to this? The Covid-19 virus has your beloved hair salon CLOSED!! OH NOOO my roots are showing!

So as a 30 year beauty veteran I thought it would be best to just let the cat outta the bag and TEACH YOU HOW TO COLOR YOUR HAIR AT HOME...UGHHHH this pains me(fully knowing that when we reopen for business we have got some serious color corrections coming in:0)

A. This is gonna take a bit, so lets not rush it, and not totally ruin your freshly painted bathroom? I would suggest you either go nude or in a bra and underwear(not ones you love as this is gonna get messy

B. Have everything you need (I got you there ), Before you attempt to color your own hair, you'll need to stock up on the essentials:

• 1-2 Boxes of hair dye (depending on the thickness/ very course hair) I'll help you pick the color in a minute...BREATHEEE • Color brush and a ceramic bowl that is dishwasher safe • Makeup removing wipes • Disposable gloves, old towel(for wiping your hands and cleaning up spills • Clear solid lip balm, petroleum jelly

OK Now Listen up

1. Don't trust the model on the box.

Sure, the woman smiling on the front of the box looks beautiful, but the color of her hair is a edited. The color always ends up DARKER and WARMER (aka more orange) than the model's hair on the packaging.The developer in at-home permanent dyes is stronger that the ones we use in the salonbox.

A better estimate on how the color will end up is the chart on the top of the box, which shows you the final color you get from a range of different hair-color shades.

2. Know when to go lighter—or darker. The rule is as follows: For permanent dye, choose a color a smidge LIGHTER and COOLER than what you want because of the strong developer(so think the NATURAL shades or cool shades) With semipermanent dye, error on the lighter side of the color you're looking to achieve. Semipermanent formulas don't have a developer, so they get darker and darker the longer you leave them in your hair, and they are harder to remove because the color molecules are BIG, so don't over lap the previously colored hair."that's a bit lighter from the 3. Buy two boxes. If your hair is past your shoulders, or shoulder length and extremely coarse, use two boxes of the same shade to ensure full coverage. Make sure you mix the dyes in a glass ceramic bowl—a metal one will oxidize the dye and cause it to change color. Ditch the bottle they come in, much to difficult to see how much you have used.

5. Touch up your roots—and only your roots.

We seen so many clients who come in because they touched up their roots but accidentally dyed their ends too, ROOTS ONLY HERE.

The ends of your hair are more porous, so they suck up color very quickly. So quickly, in fact, that the runoff from rinsing out your roots can stain them. To avoid this, apply conditioner to your ends right before you rinse out the color. PRO TIP- this is not the time to try to change things up pals. So don't try mixing boxes, applying different colors in different areas. This is a 911 situation here, don't get creative. I know ya'll think we just slap some tubes together and MAGIC, but we really do have an education. At Home Salon and Spa we have 4(minimal) continuing education color classes a year, so step off sister

6. Section, section, section.

Apply lip balm or jelly around your hairline.

To avoid patchiness, or giant missed whole patches behind your ears(yes the most commonly missed areas)Create a middle part that runs to the back of your head and split the hair into four sections—two in front of the ears and two in back. Always apply the dye from front to back. DO YOUR HAIRLINE FIRST, its the most grey and it faces the world. That way the dye is sitting on the front of your hair the longest.(this is were your most grey right?)

7. Leave your hair down

You know how the models in the commercial always have their dye-coated hair artfully twisted up into a bun? Don't do that. The color needs oxygen and won't be even when you rinse it out.Leave it down until the timer rings.

8. Add H20

Before you rinse out the color, sprinkle a little water on your head and mush around your hairline, scrub your scalp( you have your gloves on right?) around with your finger tips for a few seconds. This will help pull the stain off your hairline and scalp.

9. You must condition when you're done.

If you skip the conditioner step, it leaves the cuticle open and the color keeps processing .So don't be surprised if you end up with much darker hair than you wanted, if you don't condition. Its fine to use the conditioner in the kit, let it sit a few minutes.

10. Let it Chill

Hold off for 24-48 hrs before you shampoo again. We suggest that you blow dry the hair after your dining washing/conditioning off the color. Once again another way to seal the cuticle closed.


OK done , but now I HATE IT!!!

Oh boy. So not the color you expected? Quick, add some dish soap and WASH IT! This will help remove some surface color and warmer tones....exhaleeee, we can fix this...Hold off on your own color correction. If you need a pep talk, facebook message us, we got your back.


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Well thanks for reading! We miss your face....

Kyla and your home team

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