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OSEA Malibu/Clean seaweed skincare/ Vegan + Cruelty free

OSEA stands for the core elements of wellness

Ocean, Sun, Earth, Atmosphere

Established in 1996

OSEA Is The Story Of A Long Line Of Women Inspired By The Sea

Clean beauty, it is what it has always been: a simple, holistic philosophy that borrows from the things we cherish most—our ocean, our planet. OSEA was born of the idea that the ocean should be part of everyone’s life—and the conviction that it already is.

Skincare From The Sea

In the 1980s, almost everything in the skincare world seemed to be made with artificial fragrances, dyes and synthetic ingredients, and none of it worked very well. Jenefer, OSEA founder,knew she could do better. Borrowing from her grandmother’s wisdom and connection to the sea, she started mixing her own formulas. She used salts, clay, essential oils and became increasingly interested in the healing properties of seaweed, filling her bathtub with all sorts of kelp and tapping into some of the secrets the ocean held. It was from those bathtubs that OSEA was born. "We fill our products with the very best of what nature provides. For twenty five years, we’ve done it without artificial colors or dyes or questionable, synthetic ingredients. That is the ethos of OSEA and we pour it into every bottle and jar."

The Power Of Seaweed

“We believe in the power of the sea. We use seaweed because it is a superfood—rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. We use seaweeds from all over the world sourced based on what clinical activity it’s proven to have. Different species of algae can provide myriad benefits, including anti-aging and moisturization.” —Jenefer Palmer Founder

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